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At Decorfin of NYC, NY, we are dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of decorative wall finish and Venetian plaster.

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1We want your feedback! We love to hear from our customers and celebrate their newfound love of their living spaces. Share your stories with us, send us photos of you enjoying your new design, tell us what your friends say when they see what great taste you have!



2For a true sense of what Decorfin can create for you, visit our Midtown showroom right in the heart of NYC, NY. We want to be accessible to all of our customers, who depend on us to offer the latest and greatest in Venetian plaster and faux finish.
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3Decorfin offers a variety of services and finish techniques to suit the particular style of your home or business. Take a look at our products and portfolio to see the amazing options we have to transform your home or corporate space.p6

Welcome To Decorfin USA

At Decorfin USA, we are dedicated to preserving and advancing the art of decorative wall finish, faux paint finishes and Venetian plaster. It is our pleasure to assist residential and commercial clients in creating beautiful interiors that reflect their own good taste and style.

DecorfinImproving on the traditional lime and marble mixture, our Venetian plaster offers durability, consistency and safety, as well as an array of options for texture and color. We use high quality ingredients along with the latest in design technology to provide a one of a kind and affordable wall finish product for your Manhattan, NY or other NYC property. We are experts in faux paint finishes and would be happy to discuss faux painting ideas for your home.

Our goal is to present you with a wall that suits your preferences for color, texture and nuance. Because every client is different, we take the time necessary to understand your needs and hopes for the room, and make every effort to create something that compliments your space and décor. From Venetian Plaster to faux painting techniques to decorative wall finishes, we are the best in New York City and the surrounding area.


While Venetian plaster and decorative wall finishing are our specialties, we also offer services including other decorative plaster, faux finish painting, decorative painting, plaster repair and interior design. Let us put all of our skills to work for the welcoming and beautiful rooms you’ve been dreaming of.

We have been honored to work with a number of prestigious clients over the years, and bring an equal level of service to every home and business we assist. Whether you’re looking to redo the walls of a favored Manhattan, NY restaurant or simply enhance your private bathroom, Decorfin will be happy to oblige. Call today to learn more or make your appointment!